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An upcoming real estate agent in Canada, Matt Is Taking Over Calgary. Say the name Matt Gouldie, and a room full of the most influential people from Canada’s Alberta market are sure to tune in eagerly. 

Check out his Testimonial he left us as he speaks about how he went from $0 to $80,000.00 in 6 MONTHS after partnering up with us

We are honored to have such amazing clients on our roster and are looking forward to maybe having you join us as well!

Matt Gouldie

Head of Welcome Matt Real Estate

How Does It Work?

Lead Generation Methods​

Campaign Setup

Here you will discuss your desired campaign with your ad manager, and begin to map out future actions through our on-boarding process which is one in a record 3 -5 days.

Creation design and optimisation

This encompasses the creative side of marketing including copy.  We may request some videos or photos from you so we can capture your vision as you see it and help you articulate it to the world. 

Campaign Testing

Within campaign testing we are seeking to apply a small budget to split test things such as, audience, country, and age demographics. By doing so we are able to see dominant trends and scale our actions from there.  

Audience management and research

At this point we are aiming to understand your desired audience in order to reach market resonance.  We will identify their wants, dreams, fears, and desires in order to optimally reach them. 

Facebook retargeting

These retargeting ads include Facebook and various other networks. Clients and audiences will have pixel installs which will allow us to roll out these retargeting ads to the desired group. All of this is made possible with Facebook pixels and ensuring that this is in place on your website.

Campaign Optimisation

Here we will analyse your ads and optimise them to ensure we are getting the highest return on investment possible. 

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